Best Handgun Training - COVID-19 UPDATE
Best Handgun Training

Our Mission: To provide professional instruction and training while introducing Safe and Responsible Gun Ownership, use and activities.
It is our belief that individuals should be armed to protect themselves within our Constitutional Rights.
The 2nd Ammendment guarantees the People The Right to Keep and Bear Arms


UPDATE 04/06/2020 




Classes are subject to cancellation with inclement weather forecasts.  

Being that we have mandated our revised policies, you will be much safer in our training environment than you would be at your local grocery store.

If you or your loved ones fall under an "at risk or high risk" category, it is my responsibility to guarantee your safety, and will be holding much smaller semi-private classes with good weather as time allows (likely one class every other week for at risk individuals). If you fall within a high risk category, and you are a current CCW permit holder and your permit has either expired or about to expire, send me an email with your name and expiration dateas it shows on your permit, and I will be prioritizing upcoming classes for those that fall into this category. I will reach out to youwhen I am able to get you in a class. The email address is:  Please be specific with details in your email so that I can get you in the correct class. Your ability to defend yourself and your family is important to me, and I am here for you during these times.


Corona Virus (COVID-19) UPDATE 03/12/2020

Our policy for your education course is very strict and straight forward when it comes down to any sickness or communicable disease (and even much more particular with the COVID-19 virus, including the potential to spread viruses to others in or outside of any classroom training environment, and your specific needs to others. We practice a mandatory minimum 6 foot physical distancing requirement in the classroom and at the range. We completely sterilize our entire facilities before and after each class. And we turn away (cancel, reschedule or postpone appopintments) for about 25% of students after our strict and common sense approach to our pre-screening questions below, based upon CDC suggestions, World Health Organazition as well as the instructors additional imposed requirements.

While we are determined as "essential services", we predict that many educational facilities and schools may be closed throughout the COVID-19 social distancing, as most schools cannot guarantee the recommended 6 foot social distancing. We provide at least 6 foot social distancing in the classroom and at the outdoor range. The ability to defend yourself and your loved ones is a VERY essential service  while obtaining the education which you deserve. Unless we notify you, we may remain open for CCW classes during good weather, but only for healthy individuals whom are not considered "at risk", and that have not travelled to areas affected by COVID-19, or have been ill recently or with any possible signs of cold, cough, fever, shortness of breath, fatigued, light headed, pinkeye, bloody nose, white frothy discharge when blowing your nose, flu symptoms, sinus headache or even recent or current allergies. If you have any possible future exposure to those that are at high risk (including 65+ years of age, or with underlying medical conditions or history), we want you to STAY HOME and take care of those persons and avoid exposing yourself anywhere in the general public where you could catch the virus and transmit it to others, without even knowing that you may or may not have any symptoms. You will not be admitted into the classroom. We also do not allow physically shaking hands. You can expect to come in the classroom and immediately wash your hands prior to being seated and having your temperature taken with a laser non-touch thermometer.

As always, be smart during flu and cold seasons and now even more importantly during this particular current lethal corona virus season. Our policy remains that it is very important to know your assessment risks and communicable disease or infection risks. We do not allow persons to attend our courses if they have been recently ill or returning from travel with known cases of the Corona Virus (or hot spots). It is every individual's duty to stop the Corona Virus in it's tracks by practicing comon sense and general health hygiene, and protecting yourself, loved ones and the general public from this virus. We recommend that you stay home and avoid any close public contact.

Once again.... If you have the slightest sign or symptom of any cold, cough, flu, shortness of breath, bloody nose, sneezing (including any allergies), then stay home, isolate yourself and continue to wash your hands frequently, without exposing others to potential illness. We reserve the right to cancel any appointment or any class at anytime with little or no notice. We also reserve the right to refuse admittance to any person at any time, and to dismiss any person at any time through any portion of the class.

Thankfully for most, infection with the corona virus only results in mild fever, sore throat, and fatigue. The vast majority of people will recover quickly from these symptoms. Unfortunately, immunocompromised and elderly individuals are at an increased risk to develop serious respiratory symptoms and a great risk of pnemuonia, wich could result in death. You could carry the virus and pass it to others without even realizing that you might have the virus.

To date, the best treatment against the corona virus is avoidance is to STAY HOME!!  Wash your hands and stay away from large crowds. If you are sick or have a mild cold or allergies, stay home. And if you're at a social gathering where someone is sick, leave. Maintain a strong immune system. 

I get questions daily asking to make an exception for high risk persons atending a general class. Upon advice of the federal, state and local government, I am not willing to make any exceptions. For my safety, the safety of all attending, you and your loved ones and the general public. Stay home and get this done in another month or two. Many sheriff's departments have extended the time-line before you have to start all over again as an initial applicant. Check with your local sheriff's department for their policy.

Do the math, it's rather simple...  You desire your CCW to be able to defend yourself and your loved ones. Don't risk serious illness or possible death with this virus by being out in public. This is an invisible enemy, much worse than the average flu, with local deaths mounting daily. It is unlawful to carry with an expired permit. But some persons have decided that it is much better to carry on an expired permit than the other potential option (death to you or others) because you did not take this outbreak seriously, particularly if you fall into a high risk category (or your loved ones). That is not my advice to commit a misdemeanor. But staying safe and keeping your loved ones safe is your highest priority!


At this time we are not offering a Basic Handgun course until further notice, as it is our priority to keep our families safe as well as yours. The basic class requires the instructors be rather close to you, which would violate our own policies, procedures and the law. We are not able to offer any private lessons for either Basic training or CCW training. In order to keep our own immune systems up and our own families safe, we are not willing to work our 1 day off that we get every two weeks. Thank you for understanding and your patience during the period of this national disaster.



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