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CA CCW Good Cause examples


The examples of Good Cause required are provided as examples only. Each county may differ when it comes down to good cause. Some counties require much more, some counties require much less. You should investigate the policy of your local Sheriff's Department Good Cause criteria.


Each individual has her/her own Good Cause, and this example is to provide you with just a few examples. Just an example only, to get you thinking in the proper directions.



Placer County  (Personal protection/self defense is now a valid "just cause", and is included within your online CCW application with the Placer County Sheriff's Department.

El Dorado, Nevada County, Sierra, Sacramento, San Joaquin, Shasta, Sutter, Yuba County

If your county is not listed above, we do not have information on the good cause (or just cause) requirements for that county.  You may wish to do more research through the sheriff's department website, or by visiting for a good forum on good cause and issuance policies.


Note: These examples are not endorsed by any law enforcement agency. This is simply a format to expand upon our classroom instruction and discussion, the topic "preparing for your CCW interview".

Please refer to your classroom lesson as well as the training packet from Best Handgun Training for additional information. The information provided in the training packet is copyrighted material.



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