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Our Mission: To provide professional instruction and training while introducing Safe and Responsible Gun Ownership, use and activities.
It is our belief that individuals should be armed to protect themselves within our Constitutional Rights.
The 2nd Ammendment guarantees the People The Right to Keep and Bear Arms


When I purchased my Bersa .380 I had only shot a gun like maybe two times in my life. I wanted to take a class in handgun safety and use so that I would feel more comfortable in handling my gun. I took a class in Rancho Cordova. After that class I still didn't feel that comfortable with my gun. I'd hit my paper targets but I was all over the place. I could not consistently group my shots.
I decided with the budget cuts leaving us with less cops on the streets and the government releasing more criminals back onto our street that it was time to get a CCW.
I didn't want to go back to Rancho because I didn't feel their classes we good enough. I did research on the web and found Best Hand Gun Training in Lincoln.
I completed my 16 hours of training with John Taylor last weekend. After shooting only 20 shots I was able to group my shots near the bull's eye thanks to John's excellent instructions. My problem was I was using the cup and saucer method of holding my gun. John showed me a better way to hold my gun and now I can comfortably and consistently shoot the center of my target. I am totally comfortable in handling my gun now thanks to John.
I now am completely aware of my surroundings, I know the laws of when, where and how to use my CCW.
I would not recommend going anyway else for handgun safety and training.
I will be returning for your more advanced training in the future.

                                      - Anita M -
                                      North Highlands, CA


I loved it.
John is an excellent trainer and made me feel very comfortable with my new gun.
The knowledge he and Terry hold is amazing.  
I would recommend this business to anyone interested in obtaining their CCW permit or any basic hands-on gun training.
My husband is signed up for his CCW class in a couple weeks and my son will be attending a basic class soon.
Thank you guys for helping me and giving me the confidence to handle my gun safety and accurately.

                                      - Patti R -
                                      Sacramento, CA


I took the Basic Pistol Course with Mike this weekend and it was awesome.

I considered myself a knowledgeable shooter, definitely not a novice, but I went with my friend because I figured I could learn some things. I learned so much more than I ever expected! Mike is very experienced in Law Enforcement, home defense, and firearm safety and can teach it too. "You don't know what you don't know," and I now feel much more knowledgeable about all the aspects of owning a firearm.

I would recommend this class to everyone, and especially to people I like. California looks tough on its gun laws, but its ridiculous that we can buy guns after a simple written test. I think everyone should take a class like this before buying a gun. There were people in the class who owned their gun for a year and could barely load it, but they left looking much more confident, and I felt much safer around them after the class. If you're thinking 8 hours seems like a long time, just sign up and you will see this class is awesome and totally worth it, and it goes by quick.

                                       - Don W -
                                       Sunnyavle, CA


I took the CCW course 5/18 with a friend. This is my second course with Best Handgun Training. John takes the time to provide instruction appropriate to the students in each class. I have referred numerous friends and coworkers and I recommend this training to anyone interested in gaining firearms safety, knowledge, understanding gun laws, and shooting proficiency. Of course, there is no substitute for independent practice at the range. Start with Best Handgun Training, regardless of your level of experience with shooting from novice to expert. There is something valuable to be learned at any level.

                                       - Steve P -
                                       Sacramento, CA


In preparation for CCW issuance, I took the 2-day classes and both days were extremely packed with information.  Mike, John and Dennis are by far, the most experienced men I've encountered when it comes to firearm use, safety and concealment.  Range time was educational to say the least and now I'm again a range addict.  Thanks, guys, for the great experience.

                                       - Scott M -
                                       Sacramento, CA


I took the basic pistol course from Mike Davis today.  I found his teaching / lecture style to be very easy to stay engaged and pay attention to. I came away with an increased respect for and knowledge of handguns, handgun safety and shooting techniques.  I was worried that I was going to get some oldtimer who would drone on reading from a book that i could just read myself.  Thankfully, it was quite the opposite with Mike.  He's got a lot of experience and stories to share.  He uses humor sometimes but there is never anything but a deadly serious tone given to safety.  I highly recommend this class for those who are new to handguns or are interested in learning more about self-defense.

                                        - Don R -
                                        El Dorado Hills, CA


My friend and I took the one day CCW course with John and we had a great time. There's a ton of information to cover and John makes it entertaining with regular jokes and breaks. The range was obviously the best part and I had my group pulling to the left of the bullseye. John took his time with me and also other shooters who wanted some advice on their grip and getting better groupings. I highly recommend taking your ccw class through Best Handgun Training.

                                      - Joe C -
                                      Wheatland, CA


I took the Women's Only Basic Pistol class with Mike Davis yesterday.  I have to say I am so thrilled I jumped ont his opportunity.  Mike was patient with everyone, answered all of our questions, and gae us a bunch of valuable information.

His knowledge and experience are invaluable to his teaching.  He keeps the class light most of the time, but knows when it is time to be serious and drive a point home.  He gave great feedback while at the range that helped me to correct aim.

I would definitely recommend this class to any female or any person for that matter.  The class made me feel more comfortable shooting and helped me to understand the laws and innerworkings of firearms without feeling intimidated!

                                      - Brook M -
                                      Sacramento, CA


Took a Basic Pistol Course (Indoor-Lincoln, CA) with 7 other people and I could tell that other students and myself  wanted more.  John's lecture was very detailed and organized, and presentation exhibited a lot of professionalism and valuable knowledge.

You could tell after the introduction/lecture and shooting portion he was very passionate and genuine.  All in all, everything was organized, well-presented,  engaging, fun, and safe (for all mature ages).  If you want to get serious about operating a handgun, safety, fundamentals, and home defensive purposes take his Basic Pistol Hand Gun course.  You will not regret it.  This is my first review ever on Yelp and in my personal opinion this class/business should receive some recognition.

                                      - Erwin B -
                                      Sacramento, CA 


My husband and I took the Basic Pistol Course with John.  At first, the thought of getting up early on a Saturday, driving all the way to Lincoln, and sitting in CLASS all day sounded terrible.  But the time flew by, and it was a lot of fun.  The students ranged in age from young to old, men and women.  Some had never touched a gun, all the way up to the very experienced (my husband qualified as a sharp-shooter in the military, but agreed to come with me anyway), and most of us were somewhere in the middle (I'd shot before, but didn't know much about guns).  

John went through it all: the parts of a gun, how it works, the different types of guns and bullets, and most importantly: gun SAFETY.  We had several chances to use a fake gun before we ever touched a real one.  We were taught how to load, aim, shoot, what to so if it misfires, and what to do when you are NOT actively shooting.  

By far, the best part is going to the shooting range.  John was really great with letting me try several guns, and helping me to find the type that I shot best with.  He gave pointers, advice and encouragement throughout the session.  I found out that I'm a pretty great shot, with the paper target to prove it!

I recently went to an outdoor shooting range with friends and it was awesome to know exactly what to do, what the "etiquette" was, and actually impress my friends with my shooting!

                                       - Christy M -
                                       Sacramento, CA


After I purchased my handgun, I never had the opportunity to use it. I took John's Basic Pistol class and now im confident in going to the range and shooting safe.

                                       - Jimmy R -
                                      Roseville, CA


I have been licensed to carry a concealed gun for about 10 years. It's always great to take a refresher course as required. I took your course, and learned more than I have ever learned in the years before.  You are a great teacher. I look forward to your advanced classes in the future.

                                       - Ralph C -
                                      Yuba County


My wife has always been fearful of having a gun in or around the house. After seeing Johns ads in the paper, we both took the course. Now my wife enjoys shooting (and shes "almost" a better shot than me). Soon we will be taking some of his advanced protection courses. Thanks for the confidence John!

                                      - Tom E -
                                     Sacramento, CA


John and his assistant instructors were very sharp. It was obvious that they teach alot of gun classes. They covered everything imaginable about guns and I only had a couple of questions, which was answered in great detail. This was my first time ever shooting a gun, and now I plan to go target shooting often.

                                     - Elena T - 
                                    Rocklin, CA


I really enjoyed the Womens only Basic Pistol class!!  I just moved here from another state where crime wasn't so bad. Now I live in a pretty bad area of Sacramento with gang violence and drug activity. Then there was a shooting on a street nearby. Now I feel the need to protect myself and my children. I heard about this special gun course for women. I loved the course and it was real easy to follow. During the course, I was offered the opportunity to try out shooting different guns. This helped me determine that the gun which I liked best was the Sig Sauer. I went out and bought a gun the next day, and go target shooting often. Please enroll me in your next Personal Protection Inside the Home class.  I will tell all my friends and co-workers about your classes.

                                    - Shantell -
                                   Sacramento, CA 


Thanks John, for your help and patience in class. It was a great class. Since I took your class, there was a murder right here in my great little lovely town. It just goes to show you that violent crimes can happen to anybody and anywhere. At least im prepared to face a potential situation now since i took your class. Please enroll me in your next CCW class.

                                   - E. S. -
                                  Lincoln, CA  


Hi John.  Thank you for the wealth of information from my most recent course with you. The Personal Protection Outside the Home course can very indeed be a life saver for anybody that carries a concealed weapons permit.  I learned so much that I feel would be able to defend myself accordingly in a situation, although I hope the time never comes. I will continue to refer you to friends and family. After being a CCW holder for more than 4 years, I learned more just out of your basic pistol course than I had ever known before. I wish I had taken your course 4 years ago.

                                   - Lorraine R - 
                                  Antelope, CA 


Your Utah CFP class was great! I was rather impressed with your teaching methods and techniques (as I am a recently retired Law Enforcement Captain and former Field Training Officer myself, in the past). A+ for a job well done.

                                   - Gene -




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